Pumpkin Patch | Autumn Blog Series

What better to do on a beautiful fall day than go to a pumpkin patch. It was absolutely beautiful here so of course I made my way to a pumpkin patch. I love picking out a pumpkin and taking it home to carve it’s sort of a tradition for me.

IMG_8554.JPGToday my outfit was simple. My hat is from target. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever worn it and I love it. My floral top is from Forever 21. Jeans are from the only place I buy jeans which is H&M. My shoes are from a little store is Queens New York called Sassy Pickens.


IMG_8555.JPG After the Pumpkin Patch it was time to carve the pumpkin. I wanted it to look like Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas. I think it did just a happier version. I also had a little help from two fury friends.


IMG_8621.JPG It was such a fun day! I hope you enjoyed! XOXO

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Fall Makeup | Autumn Blog Series

There is nothing like waking up and feeling the Autumn air and knowing you can wear a lot of makeup because it won’t melt away. Just kidding I live in Florida and it’s still 87 degrees but I do it anyways. Fall is the perfect time to play around and experiment with makeup. I personally love dark makeup during this time of the year. So today thats what I went with. I think this look still has a natural feel in the eyes but the lips make it a little edgy/glam. Here is my finished look along with the products I used!




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Hello Fall | Autumn Blog Series

The first sign of fall has come for us Floridians! It was a low of 67 degrees. Some of you might be laughing but for us when it gets below 70 we whip out the boots. Today marks the first day of my Autumn Blog Series. This series will consist of outfits, shoes, makeup, home supplies, and more!

Today I want to show you the outfit I wore for this beautiful weather. It’s a super simple look but I love it! Here’s what I’m wearing!

Sweater: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Herstyle
Necklace: Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed! XOXO

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One Direction / 5SOS Concert

Yesterday my sister and I went to the One Direction Concert! This is our second time seeing them. The last time was their Up All Night Tour. It’s crazy to see how much their fan base has grown since then. It’s actually really cool going to that concert and now getting to see them again. So here’s our night!

We left in the afternoon and getting there was an adventure. It was a two hour drive but we got stuck in heavy concert traffic. When we finally got there we got in line only to find I out we were in the wrong line. We walked the whole building because we needed wristbands for floor access. So we got inside and found our seats. My sister and I sat in the second row which was really cool because we’ve never been that close at a show before. We started talking to all the other fans around us and some of them are so funny.



IMG_8416-1.JPG The concert was a blast. They are so goofy especially Harry Styles. He had the funniest braids in his hair that we just laughed so hard about. My sister was waving at Luke Hemmings from 5SOS and he made a face at her which you will see below but the girls all around her started freaking out and they turned around and started screaming with her and jumping up and down it was so cute.



Overall it was a super fun night with my sister. We will be seeing them again in the future for sure!

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New Orleans

We drove until late last night to arrive in New Orleans for a quick trip. We stayed overnight at a hotel and in the morning went down to the French Quarters. Of course we had to stop by Cafe Du Monde for some Beignets. It was so good!


Next stop was the French Market for a bit of shopping. This place was actually pretty cool. They had all sorts of music playing and everyone was selling various things. Plus it seemed like there was a saxophone player on every corner. The French Quarter also had different local food places that sold typical New Orleans food. It was a very fun experience to be here I will say that!


My outfit today was very simple since I’m traveling so much. My top is Target, my jeggings H&M, and my shoes are also from target.


IMG_8251-0.JPG As we speak I’m about 4 hours from home. So I hope everyone has enjoyed this little travel series. I know I’ve enjoyed writing about my little adventure! XOXO

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Texas Day 3: Getting Ready, Jack In the Box, and the Maze Runner

This was our last day in Texas. It started out slow for us since we stayed out so late because of the wedding. I took my time getting ready and
Here’s a little peek into my makeup bag.

We ate breakfast at Jack in the Box. We have never ate there before so we figured we’d give it a try. Safe to say we didn’t really like it that much. After that the rest of our day was spent hanging out with friends and family until it was time to hit the rode.

Of course I stopped yet again to take a picture of my outfit.

Now we’re on the road! My sisters and I flew out and stayed in downtown Houston. My parent drove out and stayed more so out in the country. So Rach and I decided to fly out and drive back to be a little adventures. To keep entertained on this trip back I have my current favorite book The Maze Runner.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! We still have one more day of traveling.
If you haven’t followed the rest of my Texas series make sure to check them out! XOXO

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Texas Day 2: Pretty View, Yummy Breakfast, and a Beautiful Wedding

For some reason I didn’t fall asleep until 2 last night. It might be because the crickets in Texas are so loud it’s crazy. Since I was up I took in our beautiful view.

The morning was really slow. We woke up around 9 and took our time to get ready. It’s takes a while for three girls to get ready. When we were all finally ready we went to this Restaurant called Kenny and Ziggy’s. It was so good! This place was actually featured on Dine Ins, Diners, and Dives!


Then we had to rush back to the hotel and get all of our stuff ready to go. We had to be at my cousins wedding venue by 2 to help her get ready. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. My cousin was such a beautiful bride. Every detail of the wedding was amazing. I’m so happy for them both!


Here is my outfit for the wedding!

Hope you all enjoy my post! My 2nd day in Texas was amazing!

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